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Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback

I received my order today, (a day EARLIER) than projected. Your product is super amazing as to the clarity, quality, and INFORMATION provided. Its way more than I expected but more so I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to have done business with your company! I give you an A triple plus for your professionalism and WILL do business again with you in the near future!!! (North Platte) Michael L., Vandergrift, PA

Your maps are great! With this Trinity map this will be my third river map from you. The map on the Sacramento was very important because the main take out is easily missed. (Sacramento, Trinity) Steven M., Cloverdale, CA

I’m sure I’ll be ordering more maps from you……. they’re fantastic! (Snake South Fork, Green) Susan H., Littlestown, PA​

I've used these maps several times now and they are perfect. (Grande Ronde) Josh M., Sammamish, WA​

I received the Troutmap and it is a fantastic product! I greatly appreciate the refund owing to the lower price. That type of honesty is rare these days. I will definitely be looking to purchase maps for some of the other rivers that I float. (Madison) Rob B., Herriman, UT

Thanks. The Troutmap of the first section looked great. I am looking forward to our trip. (See next comment)
(Grande Ronde) Neal W., Highland Park, IL​

The maps were just great. Super accurate and the rapids were in the right places. The lamination held up too - my muddy boots were on the maps the whole time. (Grande Ronde) Neal W., Highland Park, IL

My son and I just got home from the Warm Springs to Sandy Beach run and your maps were beside me the whole way. I really like the maps. They are the perfect size and durable - very well put together. The BLM could use your help with a few they have put out. (Deschutes) Trevor J., WA​

I think they (Troutmaps) are great!; They are easy to use, the other use I get is when talking with local flyshop or local fisherman, having them show me locations directly on the map. (Beaverhead, Big Hole, Madison, Missouri, San Juan, Snake South Fork, Upper Green) Tim R., Idaho Falls, ID​

I received the new Green River maps and they look great! I passed them along to a couple of my guides to use and they were excited! Keep up the good work! (Upper Green) Jason B., Jackson, Wyoming

Glad you guys are in business. Great product! I really like your maps. Besides being of use on the rivers, they are also a very good way to remember great rivers that I have floated and/or wade fished. (Colorado, North Platte, San Juan, Upper Green) Jonathan L., Los Alamos, New Mexico​

Got the maps - they are great. I'm looking forward to using them this summer. Thanks again for the great product and service! (Big Hole, Bighorn, Madison, Missouri) Bruce B., Florissant, Missouri​

You have a great product for really getting to know new water. I haven’t become an expert on any one of them yet, but imagine the maps can still be handy references for even the pros. (Bighorn, Colorado, Missouri, North Platte, Yellowstone) Rob R., Bozeman, Montana

I ordered the maps because I bought your maps of the Bighorn and just used them on a float trip and found them very useful. Very handy to have them on waterproof cards for quick reference on the river. (Bighorn, Roaring Fork, North Platte, Green) Gary T., Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Map looks great and is just what I was looking for. (Colorado) David T., Littleton, Colorado

Hey we just got back from rafting the Grande Ronde. These maps are excellent and worked perfect, knowing where the campsites are is awesome. Before we would accidentally float past the good campsites. (Grande Ronde) Josh M., Issaquah, Washington

Thanks for the map. Just came. Great service! (Green) Mark L., Murray, Utah

I just received your map of the Metolius watershed and, I must say, found it unique, functional and well conceived. It makes me wish there was more coverage around the country but I suppose that will come. (Metolius) Charlie D., Scarborough, Maine


Want to let you know how much I like your laminated Troutmap for the Deschutes River. I'm very pleased with the product. It is exactly what I had hoped it would be. The laminating is solid and the maps are, once I figured out the layout of the individual maps, easy to navigate. I will probably replace the plastic clip with a small carabiner. Again, thank you for a fine product. (Deschutes) Brian O., Everett, Washington

The maps look great!!!! (Bighorn, Colorado, Frying Pan, South Platte) Jay D., Estes Park, Colorado​

I have not found any maps on the market that are as good as yours that are actually usable in a drift boat and waterproof with lots of detail. (Missouri) Brian L., West Jordan, Utah

I just received your Big Hole river map (Squaw Creek to Melrose) through an order I placed with Amazon. It is great and I just ordered 7 more maps. (Big Hole) Wade H., Butte, Montana

The maps are awesome. Great size for keeping them accessible and very detailed. They are sealed and ready for boating. My order arrived earlier than expected. (Big Hole, Madison qty 2, Missouri, Yellowstone qty 3) Wade H., Butte, Montana


Just wanted to let you know my Grande Ronde river map arrived yesterday. Looks good! Very detailed - which I think is great (I'm a stickler for good maps). My father and I plan to float the Ronde in late June, chasing the smallmouth bass, and do some camping, so your landmarks will certainly help us gauge our progress and plan ahead. Appreciate it! (Grande Ronde) Ben R., Boise, Idaho


We were at a fish-talk meeting with several of our friends last week planning a fall trip to the Bighorn. One of the guys is a buddy who had purchased the maps from you awhile ago and showed them around the table. I suspect you may be getting one or two more orders as a result. The maps look great and even though I've fished the Bighorn since the late 80's, I'm usually looking at my strike indicator instead of the countryside and, therefore, can tell you in minute detail what it looks like but seldom have a clue as to where I am on the river. I'm sure the maps will help. (Bighorn, Missouri) Robert H., Madison, Wisconsin

I received my Bighorn River trout map - love the product - well thought out and a good sturdy design. It will be very helpful and looks as though it will stand hard use for years! Good work and a good value. (Bighorn) John B., Reedsburg, Wisconsin

I have already used your Bighorn map. My last trip there, I floated solo and unguided. I had fished it several years previously with a buddy guide, but this was the first time I took it myself. Your map was indispensable considering my unfamiliarity with the intricacies of any new water. I have sought out your map for my next unguided trip up to the Gray Reef, especially considering I’m taking some buddies and a customer. It’s a great product helping floaters in new water get familiar with the runs and names of holes. (Bighorn, North Platte) Rob R., Littleton, Colorado​

The maps arrived yesterday. They look very fine. Nice to see topo maps, I'm old school and to me a GPS is just one more thing to carry and malfunction. I like the size also, opening a USGS topo in a wind is a pain. I am visiting the Big Hole in April/May. I've not floated that river before, so these maps should be helpful. I will let you know how it goes. (Big Hole) Joel B., Dutch Flat, California

I love 'em. I lost my old ones someplace, but these are much nicer. A couple of the guys who are making the trip with us this year have never floated the Bighorn, so I am definitely recommending that they get these for themselves as well. Thanks. (Bighorn) David S., Ripon, Wisconsin​

Posters arrived yesterday. They are beautiful and evoke great memories of all places that I have fished . . . we plan to frame and hang them together for visual "punch" . . . you do great work! (River Light Images posters: Bighorn, Green, Gunnison, Madison, North Platte, San Juan, South Platte) Tina B., Omaha, Nebraska

Just got back from the Green River a week and half ago and used your maps. They were spot on! I had them sitting next to me while rowing so they were easy to reference. I also like that they were laminated. It rained and/or snowed for 5 days out of 7 and they held up great. (Caught fish all week anyway!). You have a great product! (Green) Doug W., Farmington, New Mexico


I am planning a trip to the Yellowstone starting Oct 1 and think the maps should get here before then - I hope. I have seen your maps at the Bighorn Trout Shop in Ft Smith and already know the quality. Since this is our first float trip down the Yellowstone, it will be a fine use of the map for a new floater. I will certainly let you know how it works out.

I received the maps yesterday - many thanks for the fast shipping. They are beautiful with just the right focus on the river and a scale that provides excellent details. All symbols, mile markers and coordinates combine to make planning a float for a Yellowstone River floating virgin a fun time. The notations on hazards and other valuble river information for floaters including mile markers for specific landmarks along the way - tied to stop and wade fish areas - take the maps into an outstanding category. I'll let you know some river stories when I get back from Montana. (Yellowstone)

What outstanding customer service! I really appreciate it. I have already told many of my fishing buddies about your great maps and will now let them know how great the customer service is. Steve T., Centennial, Colorado​

Thank you for the personable service. I am very happy with the Troutmaps. I will be sure to bring them to the attention of other guides and fishing friends. I am also very impressed with how quickly they arrived after placing the order. I will be waiting for more Troutmaps with great anticipation! (Green, Madison, North Platte, Upper Green) Paul F., Jackson, Wyoming

Just picked up your Metolius Troutmap at the Camp Sherman general store and fly shop in Camp Sherman, Oregon. I was thrilled to see it since I had had a similar idea a few years back, but had not pursued development. I knew it would be an almost indispensible product for fly fishermen. I'm looking forward to trying it out. Thanks for making a great product! I'm looking forward to seeing more from your company. I'll suggest your product to my friends who own fly shops and those who would enjoy using your product in the pursuit of fly fishing, boating, etc. And I'll be looking for the Deschutes Troutmap in local fly shops where I am this weekend in Bend, Oregon. (Metolius)
Bob M., Albany, Oregon​

Got the map and they look great! Everything is well marked and clear. Can't wait to make my own notes on them! (Upper Green) Jason B., Jackson, Wyoming​


Just sending an email to let you know that the map I ordered for the Upper Green River in Wyoming was exactly what I’ve been looking for; a map with clear detail that lets you know exactly where you are. Since I wasn’t too familiar with the river and didn’t know exactly where the boat launches were, it came in very handy in knowing our location and distance to the pull out point. With the Wyoming wind against us, the included clip came in to good use in securing the map so it would not blow away. That was some nice foresight, as well as it being laminated. You would think all river maps come that way but surprisingly they don’t. That is absolutely necessary in a drift boat with all the getting in and out. All in all I just wanted to say thanks for the map and the quick delivery. We received it the day before our trip and it turned out to be very useful. My friends also commented on what a great map it was. I will be ordering the Lower Green River below Flaming Gorge this spring. (Upper Green) Ruben V., Stansbury Park, Utah

The maps are great and I am sure we will be ordering more for future trips! (Bighorn) Suzanne A., Centreville, Virginia

Received my maps. First impression is that they look of high quality and durability. I have floated the Bighorn over 25 times and the accuracy of your map looks very good, including the location and names of the hot fishing spots. Good info to include in the other maps you produce in the future. The info on rapids is very useful especially the rapids that are Class 3 and higher. I look forward to using them on my next float trips. (Bighorn, Roaring Fork, Colorado) John C., Lafayette, Colorado


I really like the map. When I go to a new river, I always like to know all the put-ins and outs. I like the river mile from point A to point B. (Upper Green) Maria M., Preston, Idaho​


Love the maps. The detail/info and portability on your maps were exactly what I have been looking for. I was having a difficult time finding a good river map and you have exceeded my expectations. Quality stuff and prompt service. I am sure this will not be my last order. Floating the Bighorn at the end of July - starting at Afterbay and floating to either Mallards Landing or Two Leggins. I am camping on the islands on my way down river - should be interesting. Thanks again. (Beaverhead, Bighorn) Bob G., Grand Rapids, Michigan

My first impression is good! The packaging looks professional and the note is a nice touch. I like the double lamination of the maps. At first, I thought the overlaid information was printed upside-down in relation to the orientation of the map (especially Map 1). It seemed that North should be the top of the map and therefore, the printing should be oriented that way. But upon further inspection, I see the layout of the river is primary and compass directions a lower priority. So it makes sense to me now and I like it. I received the map quickly, thank you. I look forward to using it and hope it will help me figure out which hole or section of the river I've fished that day. (South Platte)
Michael M., Littleton, Colorado

I have your maps of the Bighorn and they are the best. I am excited that you now have the Madison maps as we have a place in West Yellowstone, a drift boat, and little knowledge of the river. (Bighorn, Madison) Paul G., Shadow Hills, California

I have used the Big Hole map along with the Green and the Platte maps. They worked great. I have floated the Green and Platte many times, so I use them more as reference. I had never been to the Big Hole so I used those maps as guides. It was perfect. I would just like to see more rivers! Thanks! (Big Hole, Green, Yellowstone) Steven F., Lander, Wyoming

Wow! Great service. I ordered the map on Friday and was showing it to friends on Monday. Looks very user friendly. Easy to store and access. I'll be on the river in a few weeks. Will let you know how well they worked out.  Thanks. (Big Hole) Doug H., Mechanicsburg, Pennsylyania​

Look for two or three more orders from a couple of others in the near future. I really am impressed with your work and have spread the word. (Big Hole, Beaverhead) Michael B., Minneapolis, Minnesota


I received the maps yesterday and they are all I expected and more. Waterproof, plenty of detail, the right scale and very easy to store in a gear bag. I've already put them to use in planning a trip on the Colorado River. (Colorado) Brett E., Thornton, Colorado

We just returned from floating the Green River and really appreciated your map of the river . . . the maps were very helpful! You may want to contact Flaming Gorge Resort and some of the other stores in the Dutch John area to sell your maps. They were very impressed with them! (Green) Greg R., Montrose, Colorado​

I ordered these (Colorado, Frying Pan, Roaring Fork, North Platte, South Platte) as a result of using your Bighorn map last week. Was great as I had eight folks from Oregon and Washington there and your maps were a great addition to their experience as they fit in the vest and they could readily see where to go on the river even without following me around on a tether. The laminate is great thus I expect great things of the new ones I ordered. I will let you know.  John A., Littleton, Colorado

Really great product. I think I’ve bought just about every set you’ve produced. I’m hoping you’re planning on producing maps for more of the Montana & Idaho rivers. I like to float the Madison, Big Hole, Beaverhead, South Fork, Henry’s Fork, etc. I’ll buy ‘em. Gary G., Lone Tree, Colorado​

Thank you, received my Bighorn Map today and it is perfect, exactly what I was looking for. I've fished the Bighorn quite a bit, close to a dozen times and it is wonderful to have this as a reference. Really nice product and process to obtain. Thank you again. (Bighorn) Robert T., Eden Prairie, Minnesota​

Your product is one of the best I've seen. Like everyone else we have different names for the same holes, yours will work just fine. Just got back from fishing the Bighorn last week, as always it was great! (Bighorn) Mark R., Libby, Montana

Good work with your maps! (South Platte) Kenneth P., Littleton, Colorado


Thanks for working with me on getting the RiverGuides for my trip. I appreciate the warning on the rapids on the lower section . . . It is really nice to have the maps for fishing. (Colorado

I bought one of your maps as a gift, I remember how perfect it was (Gray Reef). So needless to say, I am now happy. I have what I need and can work on the maps that help me earn a living. I love what you are doing. Keep up the good work. I am sure you will get a couple more orders in the future.

I got the maps just in time for my trip. Here is my feed back. I really like the way the maps are laid out and the maps feel very resilient. I really appreciate you getting them to me on such short notice. The only thing that I would like to see on the maps is land ownership. This can just be public vs. private. This is a very important piece of information for fisherman. That said, I understand how difficult it can be to get accurate information and the liability it may place on you. At any rate, keep up the good work and I expect to be a regular customer. Jeff W., Denver, Colorado

Just a quick note to say thanks for creating waterproof river maps for my favorite western rivers. Troutmaps are the perfect size to throw in my fishing vest, but I also keep them at my side when I am rowing a cataraft or driftboat.

You have obviously done a great deal of research to find the "local" names for many of the productive fishing holes, and just as important you have identified potential river hazards that could wreck a good day of fishing if a guy was not paying attention (Bighorn).

Good call making RiverGuides waterproof because I'm out there fishing rain or shine. And, the "river corridor" format means I don't have to unfold a conventional map to find my location on the river. My river maps won't blow away in the wind. Mark L., Centennial, Colorado

Love the maps I got today, Thanks! They look good, I will get a lot of use out of all of them, will be sure to show them to all my buddies. Will be fishing the Bighorn River in three weeks and the maps will come in very useful. I am going to be showing them to everyone there I am meeting with, and everyone in our group on the trip. (Colorado, Frying Pan, Roaring Fork, South Platte, Bighorn, Green, North Platte) Robert S., Denver, Colorado 

I used the Bighorn Map of yours this weekend, really worked nice for me, my buddies knew the spots well, and I was able to figure out exactly where we were at all times, Really helpful to me. Thanks! (Bighorn) Robert S., Denver, Colorado


I really like my Green River A,B,C sections Map Set!!  I may be getting a few more!  (Green, Frying Pan, Roaring Fork, Yellowstone, Truckee, Little Truckee) Jeff S., Michigan 

I used a map of yours for the Grande Ronde in Oregon and found it absolutely amazing! Best map I've used! (Grande Ronde), Bristol S., Illinois

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