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Map Features

  • Sized right - Sturdy, handheld, waterproof river maps that are easily used while floating without the unfolding and refolding of conventional maps.

  • Loss prevention - The individual maps are secured with a stainless steel split ring, and an attached plastic snap hook, that allows clipping to a cable retractor attached to waders or a boat.  Cable retractors are available on our accessories page.

  • Accurate topographic data - from US Geological Survey, showing river features and land contours in color at 1:24,000 scale (1/2"=1000 feet, same as US Geological Survey 7.5 minute series maps).


  • River features - Boat access ramps are shown with Lat/Long or GPS UTM coordinates. Other river features such as rapids, campgrounds, river camps, and access roads are also shown. River mileage is marked every half-mile along the course of the river. Each map set also contains an area map showing the general location of fly shops, shuttles, lodging, fuel, and groceries or places to eat.


  • Pin-point locations - a unique 100 meter grid permits determining a GPS UTM location within about 20 feet, without the use of a separate template.

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