The Cheeseman Canyon section of Colorado's South Platte river is a narrow scenic canyon with Gold Medal fly fishing for trout with Phd's in avoiding your offerings - they've seen it all.  Come on - you're smarter than a trout, right?


Because this is a hiking/wading river only, the Troutmaps are at a larger scale for greater detail over the short 3.3 river miles from the Gill Trail to Cheesman Dam.


2 river maps and 2 area maps

South Platte - Cheesman Canyon from Deckers to Cheesman Dam

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    • Laminated and waterproof maps that follow the river channel.
    • Individual maps are secured with a stainless steel split ring, and includes a snap hook that allows clipping to a cable retractor on waders.
    • Cable retractor is not included, but is available for purchase on our website - click here for more info.
    • River features such as access points, campgrounds, and river trails are clearly shown.
    • Each map set contains an area map showing the general location of fly shops, shuttles, lodging, fuel and places to eat.
    • Approximate size:  printed map: 3-3/8 inches by 10-1/4 inches; laminated page: 3-3/4 inches by 10-1/2 inches.


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